Our Services

We fill a specialized role… Highly experienced in working with pension plans, trust departments and foundations, the Lang Investment Group will consult with your administrative team and/or Board of Trustees to evaluate opportunities, educate members, give common-sense answers, and monitor results.

Financial planning

A plan with a holistic approach that puts you at the center of what your money can do for you.

Insurance & annuities

Examining your legacy or guaranteeing future income insurance and annuities can fill a specialized need.

Pension Plans

Partnering with a breadth of resources we can help benchmark your current plan, define potential issues, and help design the most appropriate plan for you.


Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds or Annuities - we utilize any and all of these vehicles depending on the risk tolerance of our clients and the time frame we're given.

Retirement Planning

The nuts and bolts of what we do - develop a strategy that gets you the money you need once your assets begin providing for you.

Asset Protection

In depth strategies are available to our clients that help protect a net worth that, in many cases, took a lifetime to build.